Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Len Schwartz

Classy woman. Sharp as a razor. Smart. Really smart.

By: Tracey J Tibando

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and stops at nothing to help you sell your property and/or purchase a property! She is one of the most sincere and genuine people you will ever meet in your life!

By: Kathy Whittingstall

Michelle is an Outstanding real estate agent who excels at her job. The combination of Michelle's great personality and passion for her clients makes it a true pleasure working with her. I always feel that Michelle ensures my best interests are at the forefront of all discussions and negotiations. I would highly recommend Michelle for any of your real estate needs...we have used her twice in the past six months and haven't been disappointed!!

By: Cameron Woods

Working with Michelle was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. She worked with our budget, our schedule and our needs! I would recommend Michelle to anyone!

By: Sarmad Shahjahan

Very energetic and friendly with very good marketing skills. Went extra steps to sell my house within my preferred price range. Highly recommended. Thanks

By: Mark Nagy

Attended the First-Time Home Buyer seminar, and what an experience! The knowledge that was provided not only taught me how to buy a home but also, how to properly afford and budget for one. If you are looking to buy a home in the near future, this seminar will help you greatly.

By: Sonya San and Cristyan Leathley

“Michelle is an absolutely wonderful agent to work with; very patient and knowledgeable in her field. I don't know how or why we thought we could do this on our own because after we started working with her, it made the process completely different and so much easier and more enjoyable. She turned a very stressful and scary process into a warm memory and walked us through every step and detail. She's dedicated and an excellent negotiator. Michelle secured a great deal for us and we are so happy with her work. I'm so excited to recommend her to our friends when they are ready to embark on their own house adventures. Thanks so much Michelle!”

By: Gerry and Ayeki Cantelon

"It has been our pleasure to have Michelle as both our selling agent and buying agent. During the time we were selling she was well prepared with her research of the market, which made us feel confident. When it came time to purchase our new home, she was patient, understanding and helped us buy the right house for us. We have had a very positive experience with Michelle, and we highly recommend her for your real state needs. She is enthusiastic, hardworking, knowledgeable, and goes the extra mile in making sure that her clients needs are met, she does her homework and uses all the tools needed to sell your house. And most importantly she was there for us every step of the way. Thank you again Michelle.”

By: Tracey Tibando

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and stops at nothing to help you sell your property and/or purchase a property! She is one of the most sincere and genuine people you will ever meet in your life!”

By: Jen Mersereau

“Michelle was absolutely amazing! She really went above and beyond to make sure I found the perfect home. I can’t thank her enough for the patience and dedication she showed to keep me calm and positive throughout the process. Her hard work is truly appreciated and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a new home!”

By: Susan Snook

“I was overwhelmed by the support, professionalism & caring showed by Michelle. She took a genuine interest in our well being and made it her mission to get us the perfect home! I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone looking to move into a new home! Thank Michelle!”

By: Cam Woods

“Working with Michelle was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. She worked with our budget, our schedule and our needs! I would recommend Michelle to anyone!”

By: Chris Plamondon

“There was a lot of stress coming in to trying to find a place in Barrie while I being in Victoria BC. Michelle reached out to us by calling as opposed to messaging as many others had done. Top notch from the get go. Needless to say, she did a fantastic job. We gave her our criteria and Michelle did the rest. She constantly updated us on places that met our criteria as well as looked in to those we sent her. No matter where you are, Michelle will provide you the best opportunity to find the perfect home, renting or buying. We were in contact nearly everyday and I always had quick and full responses. Thanks again for everything and helping us find where I know we'll be very happy in the future.”

By: Damon Wilson

"Michelle was amazing at helping me find the home of my dreams, and also ensured I was comfortable and knowledgeable during each step of the process. I highly recommend her as she is dedicated, honest and most of all is passionate about what she does, and it shows.”

By: Mitch Ling

"Michelle was great! Prompt in her replies and on meetings/showings, very helpful in finding a place that fit my needs, and in general very patient, pleasant and professional. Definitely someone worthy of your time and trust. Thank you Michelle!”

By: Adam Dumshat

"Michelle is an awesome real estate agent , very easy to work with. Helped us find a new home very quickly and effortlessly and answered all our questions and more and gave us insight on information we needed to know about the whole process. Have and would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a place to buy, sell or lease”

By: Pytavi Umachandran

“Michelle is a fantastic real estate agent. She was very helpful and patient with my fiancé and I in helping us find our first home. She was quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns, which helped relieve a lot of stress during the house hunting process! I highly recommend her to those who are looking for a kind and capable real estate agent.”

By: Tom Quan

“Michelle loves what she does – helping people for all their real estate needs, and she possesses all the great quality to be successful in this business. She is very knowledgeable, experienced, energetic and proficient to deliver results as promised. She is also highly proficient in using web and social media to market properties, and to educate people in buying, selling and renting homes. It is always a pleasure to work with Michelle and I can always count on her!”

By: Ambreen Tajik

“Michelle is an excellent professional. She is responsive she will act in your requests quickly. She is well prepared, punctual and timely with her responses. She will try to understand your need and cater to it. I will definitely come back to Michelle for my future real estate transactions.”

By: Shin Ujin

"SHE IS AMAZING REAL ESTATE AGENT!! She worked very hard and tried to help my family out a lot. We could buy very nice because of her. It was the first time to buy house and my family and I experienced good service :) She is amazing !”

By: Charlotte Zhen

"Michelle was great to work with! Very helpful and accommodating.”

By: Jordan Cummins

"Michelle was wonderful. She was incredibly helpful and made the process painless and quick. Michelle responded promptly to any of my inquiries and was a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Michelle!”

By: Sandeep Jain

“Michelle is a fantastic real estate agent and a very kind-hearted person. She's helped my fiancée and myself a lot to find us a good home, and gave us recommendations that no other real estate agent would. The whole process of finding a new place is stressful and frustrating, but she really made it easier on the both of us. I really appreciate all of her help and we will definitely be contacting her for our future real estate needs, along with recommending her to anyone who is in need of an agent.”

By: Tanya Jones

“Michelle was amazing! I had moved out of province, and as a first-time seller, Michelle made my selling experience stress-free. She was very thorough, explained everything in great detail and gave me peace of mind. With her help my house was sold in under a week! If I ever move back to the GTA, I will definitely use Michelle’s service again. I appreciate of her help and support!”

By: Janet and AmyTrumble

“I would absolutely recommend Michelle. She is very efficient and very quick at closing your house. She is so friendly and loves her job. You go Michelle.”

By: Jacqueline McGarry

"Michelle worked very hard selling my home. She stops at nothing to bring the best offers to the table. She kept me up to datewithwhat potential buyers were thinking.Even after the sale she would check in to see how things are going. I woulddefinitely work with Michelle again and would recommend her.”

By: Jazmine Bye

Michelle is an amazing agent. She’s not only very knowledgeable in her field but you can see how much passion she has towards it as well. You will not have to worry about anything while working with Michelle because she’s always 2 steps ahead. I highly recommend calling her for any of your real estate needs. Thanks again Michelle for being so wonderful at what you do. I will 100% recommend you to everybody I know.