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Meet Michelle

With a Bachelors Degree in Media Information Technoculture (MIT) and Criminology from Western University, Michelle was not only born in the age of Digital Technology, but she is also a young, sharp and educated individual who understands the importance of the online world. In particular, how to attract the most attention to a product/service through Awareness, Engagement and Conversion. 

Previous to being a Real Estate Agent, Michelle was a Media Consultant where she learned how to practically address client/business needs and further use marketing solutions such as Social Media Platforms and Search Engine Marketing to target and advertise efficiently to specific audiences. She took her training and experience from the media industry and has applied it to the Real Estate Industry.

Michelle Terzis

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Attended the First-Time Home Buyer seminar, and what an experience! The knowledge that was provided not only taught me how to buy a home but also, how to properly afford and budget for one. If you are looking to buy a home in the near future, this seminar will help you greatly.

Mark Nagy

Very energetic and friendly with very good marketing skills. Went extra steps to sell my house within my preferred price range. Highly recommended. Thanks

Sarmad Shahjahan

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